Been way too busy

I have been way to busy this month to post anything. The latest project that I have been put on is an upgrade of an existing Progress/OpenEdge application. The current application is so tightly integrated with the database that is close to impossible to create a web-based application with the current code.

Therefore we are moving forward with an inhouse back-end solution that will expose the Data Access throught JsonRPC calls. The front end is not .NET, but a complete Javascript solution. All calls to the data access and between screens will all be done via AJAX callbacks. The framework we decided to use is one supplied by (Isomorphic). The architecture is as close to a 100% object oriented javascript solution that you can get.

It works pretty well but we only decided to use the free front end solution and chose not to purchase the java server side portion of the application. That hindered us tremendously, because all the scalability that Isomorphic gave us just got thrown out the window. So what next?

Well, we are investigating a way to integrate the PureMVC javascript model into this Isomorphic framework. I have spent a couple of days so far on it and I think we are close. I will keep you updated.


Recent Project List Cleaner

I have cleaned my Recent Project List in Visual Studio using a reg file before and even used a tool that integrates directly into visual studio. But, a new tool that I have found does the same as the latter but seems to have a tighter intergration with Visual Studio.

Please check out for Visual Studio 2005.

or for Visual Studio 2008

Happy .NETting

Trying, I’m trying, to install Redmine on Godaddy

I am currently hosting my website with godaddy and it works really well with php (WordPress) and even ASP.NET applications to a certain extent (DotNetNuke). But I am having a ton of difficulties installing Redmine on GoDaddy. I am pretty sure it is because of the version of ruby on rails installed on my shared hosted server but I am planning to give them a call tomorrow and check to see if they can upgrade it.

My next plan is to install a subversion installation on my server. But I am pretty sure it is going to be impossible.

Welcome to the new

Everyone, welcome to the new

There have been a couple of changes that I have made to my site.  I have changed the framework that my site runs off and as you can see the look and feel has also been changed.  I have been trying to change the site for a while but never had the chance to actually get around to doing it.

As part of my new years resolution for 2009, I have decided to finally keep up with my blog and start putting up interesting problems that I have come across during my short time as a .NET developer.

Stay tuned for more posts.