I have finally made the switch to DreamHost

I have abeen with godaddy for the better part of decade and now I am dreaming with DreamHost. The ease of their hosting panel. The price is respectable, especially since I took advantage of the 777 coupon that they published on their splash page (one year hosting for less than $10). They give you unlimited space and traffic.

I was able to transfer my wordpress blog in a matter of minutes. The databases setups are almost instantaneous. And the ssh access is fantastic. They give you close to full rights under your home directory.

I also setup a couple of subversion repositories and installed redmine as my project management site. And this is coming from a complete newbie to the linux world. I have been a windows guy thru and thru, up to about a month ago. To be honest, the speed and ease of setup of a lamps web site trumps all else.

DreamHost also gives you the ability to host multiple sites with different webapps from the same account. I am completely sold. I only hope that the early success I have had with this hosting provider lasts more than a couple of weeks.