Archive | February 2009

Recent Project List Cleaner

I have cleaned my Recent Project List in Visual Studio using a reg file before and even used a tool that integrates directly into visual studio. But, a new tool that I have found does the same as the latter but seems to have a tighter intergration with Visual Studio.

Please check out for Visual Studio 2005.

or for Visual Studio 2008

Happy .NETting


Trying, I’m trying, to install Redmine on Godaddy

I am currently hosting my website with godaddy and it works really well with php (WordPress) and even ASP.NET applications to a certain extent (DotNetNuke). But I am having a ton of difficulties installing Redmine on GoDaddy. I am pretty sure it is because of the version of ruby on rails installed on my shared hosted server but I am planning to give them a call tomorrow and check to see if they can upgrade it.

My next plan is to install a subversion installation on my server. But I am pretty sure it is going to be impossible.